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Dee deemed the Queen of Transformation, brings an
authentic and personable approach to motivating, inspiring and transforming lives. In addition to getting results, this is by far what keeps people coming back for more.
Her no-BS, no-excuses approach on unmasking career, business, and life’s challenges is what got her to where she is today.


Helping others to change their lives based on proven techniques she's applied in her own life. She has been practicing the power of Individual Audacity since the tender age of eight, and roughly 34 years later, she is not only practicing it, but showing others how to do the same.


She's a best-selling author, speaker, premier strategist and coach for professional development, personal
development, leadership, empowerment, inspirational, life balance, overcoming adversity, millennial, future of work, and women speakers,  in 14 countries and 7 industries worldwide."


Dee is the CEO of Individual Audacity, a transformational learning company that teaches driven audacious individuals and leaders how to decide firmly on a course of action in their career, business or life and how to execute those decisions.


She is also the founder and CEO of Identifize Consulting, a recruitment and staffing consulting firm, and My Playbook - a tech development platform, amongst other


In her spare time, Dee enjoys starting new businesses, watching anime, technology, music, reading, spending quality time with her kids, and singing dog King Caesar. Dee currently lives with her daughter and dog in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA.




Dee’s Story:


From being sexually abused at age 8, becoming a pre-teen mom at the ages of 11 and 15, living on welfare on the streets of Baltimore, becoming a 10th grade high school dropout among other unthinkable hardships; Dee Williams overcame it all to become the woman she is today.


Her journey proves she has and knows what it takes to not only make it, but to flourish in your life, career, and business in spite of the odds.

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